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“Platforms” is a series exploring the unique New York underground architecture and the
people temporarily passing through it. Subway platforms seen from the point of view of a waiting commuter on the other side, present a voyeuristic experience geometrically dissected by the architecture of the space. Visually reminiscent of photographic filmstrips, the ubiquitous subway columns organize the space into multiple narratives. One needs to scan across in order to reveal dynamics between the passersby and see the complete picture. The platform becomes a stage where “actors” take their temporary place until the train passes and invites the following “act”.

The images in this series visualize the nuances of a self-inflicted isolation in an otherwise dense and chaotic mega-city. Interactions, or lack thereof, manifest themselves in body language and spatial locations of the commuters observed. Overwhelming usage of personal technological devices minimize the potential for human connection even further. Combining a voyeuristic practice with a photographic strategy taking advantage of the stations’ architectural characteristics, the series reflects detachment, separation, personal spaces, individualism, loneliness, and momentary connections in the underground niches of an urban metropolis.